black eyelash extensions

This page is just a bit about me, Suzy. I’m a multi – educated beautician , eyelash extension & brow specialist & lash trainer in Limassol. All i do is keeping focus on enhancing your natural beauty, in a very tasteful way. 

Thousands of lashes and brows have been “built” or “corrected”  by me in Limassol since 2014, and since 2020 I  also provide in depth, VIP training for Lash Artists in Cyprus & online.

Many times clients do come to me with lash extensions that were done wrong and have to restore their lashline , removing extensions gone wrong and applying more appropiate, healthier built russian lashes.

I have developed a few of my own special lash styes and designs, that are offered only by me in Limassol, at a speed and accuracy that is meeting russian standards.

A full set of russian volume lash extensions are ready  in 2 hours, ( 3D, 4D,5D) , mascara effect (wet effect lashes) takes 1,5 hours or less at our lash salon. My rapid lashes are unbeatable at speed & comfort of wearing.

Timing is a key element for me, while keeping a proper natural lash isolation and healthy method of applying lash extensions.


How you will feel, when you visit our Lash Salon?

Well, just imagine yourself drifting into a relaxing sleep, enjoying a small friendly chatter with your lash & brow artist…while knowing, you will get the most amazing result at the end of your treatment!

Many of my clients are not only snoozing but dreaming while the appointments, some even smile and giggle 🙂 That’s when I know… they are feeling safe on my lash bed!

My name is Susanna Hajos,

I am a beautician,  14 x Certified ,  Lash Tribe & Lash Inc verified , “Expert Lashers” listed Lash Artist & Brow artist who is all about building your Confidence and Beauty through enhancing the nicest features in your eye area. Unlike many other salons, without proper background, am also a licenced (HU Europass) beauty therapist, which in many countries is a basic requirement to be able to practice Lash & Brow treatments.


That’s me on the photo below;  Hi!

Certified Lash Artist since 2014

Susanna Hajos is certified for Russian Volume Lashes by 3 Global award winning Lash Extension Masters, Zsinett Lashes (HU) , Julia Mann (AU) and Sofja Smatko (RU) . She is also a Retention pro that can make your lashes last 4+ weeks.

Certified & Safe Microblading since 2015

Certified by  Alexandra Academy for Permanent Makeup (HU, AU, USA), one of the first who started Microblading in Limassol. The pigments are produced in Germany, and are skin-friendly , with no-iron oxide composition.

2022’s  Best Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Certified in Lash Lift since 2015, we are using Elleplex renewed  Keratin Lash Lift Formula. We only work with safe, always European Union approved products, meeting all legal requirements.

Safest LASHES in 1 hour