Eyebrow Microblading

Getting up on the morning with crisp and well groomed brows, and skipping the whole “brow powdering and penciling minutes – is just a click away from you.

We have also been there, done that, and now skipping brow coloring daily , saving so much time and gained so much self confidence. We have also microblading and micropigmentation brows , we talk from experience.

Our Limassol Brow and Lash studio gives you options, for Microblading tattoo, Micropigmentation brows, Ombre shading brows, Hybrid brows for semi- permanent results.


This OCTOBER of 2022 we have a lunch time Special  :

Microblading appointments at 12:30 – € 150 ( original price  €200 )





Microblading Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Henna or Tint



Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading Eyebrows From Another Artist

Microblading Eyebrows from Susanna Hajos

We are certified & experienced in permanent makeup since 2015 & follow the rules of the unique ” Artistry” Microblading Style from the PMU School of Alexandra Academy. 

Eyebrow Microblading is the solution for perfectly groomed and well shaped eyebrows , especially if you are after the most natural looking, but defined eyebrows.
Our German line products and personal attention to your individual needs, will let you look into the mirror and see the best results possible! 


Eyebrow Treatments




€ 200 incuding 1 sessions, 2nd session € 30 up to 3 months in between.



€ 140 including 1 touchup , up to 1 year 3 months from your last appointment


This is how we work together with you :

At your eyebrow microblading appointment in our Limassol salon, you have to  approve the shape first , only then we start the treatment.

Most times we start with lighter shade of eyebrow microblading tattoo, and at the touchup, if a darker color is needed we adjust it. Many occasions, a custom blend of colors is mixed to match your skin and hair tones. 


During the eyebrow tattoo you will check the progress 3-4 times, to ensure satisfaction with the end result.




Our Microblading & Beauty Salon basic rules:

  • You have to be 17 years+ to get any of our services, unless you can show approval of a parent.

  • No children or any companions allowed in the treatment room

  • Pregnant clients cannot choose microblading , but nursing mothers can get microblading done with us on their own decision ( during nursing the skin is healing differently and pigment can be pushed out easier due to hormonal changes)

  • Clients with microblading or permanent makeup done by other artist should get in touch with me prior and send a photo of your brows in good lighting , in order to check it before an appointment can be made

  • PRIOR scheduling, you need to be aware of the pre and aftercare, please read the FAQ section and the recent blog post 



We will be happy to see you at our salon for a Free Microblading Consultation with a discounted Shape & Tint Price (€20) if you refer to this at your appointment!


There are various Eyebrow styling methods without the commitment to semi permanent eyebrows.



Eyebrow shape & Tint

It generally lasts on the skin 3 – 12 days, while on the eyebrow hair it keeps up to 3 weeks. Results are dependent on skin type and aftercare being followed correctly.


Arch & Color Treatments


€ 20  including 15 minutes hand plucked and shaped eyebrows with tweezers. We are against brow waxing.



With Color Cream  € 25

Including 30 minutes hand plucked and shaped eyebrows with tweezers, colored with custom mixed brown ( from light to dark brown ) henna based tinting cream and color activator cream.

With Natural Henna Powder  € 25 ( NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY)

Including 45 minutes hand plucked and shaped eyebrows with tweezers, colored with custom picked shade of natural henna powder ( 5 shades of brown )




This is how we work while brow shaping :

At your eyebrow shape & color appointments in our Limassol salon, we start with a brow scrub and cleansing process which ensures the best possible color retention. You are advised NOT to wash your eyebrows at least 24 hours long AFTER the procedure!

Most of our clients who opt for brow shape and tint , like to try the new shapes before you commit to a semi permanent shape done with microblading. 



We will be happy to see you at our salon for a Free Microblading Consultation with a discounted Shape & Tint Price (€20) if you refer to this at your appointment !




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