Eyebrow Shaping


1.Perhaps the easiest way to determine if a shape you want for a long term,looks good on you or not; is to start with a brow shaping . A bushy eyebrow can be plucked or choose eyebrow waxing in Limassol for the smoothest result.An additional eyebrow color can be mixed to even more enhance the new shape of eyebrows. We have several shades of colors, for blonde brows to deep brown to the darkest shade almost black.


2.We work around the brows with a brow paste , to highlight the areas to tint, so you might feel the brush being used more than usual. The products we use for brow tinting are all approved in EU. Our gentle but powerful Henna based Tint is from VeronaCosmetics, Poland , from Elan Ukraine, and from Swarzkopf – EU. We measure the brows exactly the same way as we would do for Microblading, and create a perfect shape & color for you.

Prices :

Eyebrow shaping (hand plucking or eyebrow waxing)20 €
Eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tinting25 €
Eyebrow shape, tint & eyelash tinting40 €



For overplucked 80’s- 90’s eyebrows we do not suggest to do a tint, but rather suggest to do Microblading or Microshading eyebrows. It is also called Permanent Makeup –   a light form of “tattoo” , if you want to make it sound simple, but it is a semi – permanent solution to make eyebrows appear wider and fuller.

For bushy and unruly growing eyebrows we suggest an eyebrow tamer , which is called Eyebrow lamination.


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