10 Things You did not know  Lashextensions do


What is the buzz about ?

We put a list together just for you, that explains it all !



What’s behind the Attraction ,


Ever thought it’s Your Lashes ?

Let’s see what they can do for You:


They give you unique and beautiful look
Stand out of the crowd through your beauty . With hundreds of different lash styles a professionally trained Lash Stylist Master can do based on your eye shape, you will get a truly unique look that sets you apart from others.

Will save you <strong>at least 1 hour time/week</strong>
Even if you prefer “bare-face” beauty. But if you are into full eye makeup with eyeshadow, mascara and strip lashes, and eyeliner …. well, that could be even 2 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES / WEEK.

Extensions add fullness to your sparser natural lashes
It’s a fact that when we age, our lashes and all our body hair gets less & less. So it’s a not so rosie future for our lashes & brows. Some of us are not that lucky to be born with thick black lashes,  small, blonde or sparse lashes are very common “issue” also. We can help in this unwanted state, to turn your lashes & life around with more volume!

russian volume eyelash extension in limassol

They Rejuvenate - a full Lashline takes years off your face
Just to continue on the past thought, yes, the more volume of hair on our head & our long and perfect eyelashes are able to “fake off” 5 years from your face. Who cares about some small wrinkles when you get all the attention on your captivating eyes?

Lash Extensions can promote lash growth
While any mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow can cover & ruin your lashes on long term, a properly isolated lash extension will be a godsend on your eyes. I’s less in weight, than putting on mascara also. A carefully applied volume lash extension is attached at 1 single point of 1-2 or 3 mm length ( depending on the method & style) on your natural lash, without even touching and clogging the skin or hair folicle. Instead, Lash Extensions allow your lashes to recover from make up damage that causes brittle & sparse lashes

They are water resistant - your best friend in the summer
Those sweaty humid summer days take a toll on the skin and makeup. We could write another guide on how to look the best this summer, but there is a simple 1 word answer to this called : Lash Extensions. There is no more smudging , or black eyeshadow dripping down on your bikini or summer dress.

Your man will love to look at your face .... Increased amount of Intimacy
Your Bambi – eyes will make your man want to be with you more often than before…. Needless to say more, we know what they aim for.  

Lash extension can corrects uneven eyeshapes , monolid & hooded eyelid
It is not the end of the world if you got uneven or assymetric eye shape. A great Lash Artist will correct it for you and hide the flaws! An eyelid surgery does not have to be the first option for someone facing mono or hooded eyelids issues. With a specific method we can cover or lift the crease of the eye, transforming the look so you will always smile while looking into the mirror! 

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It can create a an Eyeliner effect that's better than an eyeliner
In 2019 Lash Extension styles are rising, and the newest one in Russia & Eastern countries  is a totally amazing one that looks like the perfect eyeliner. Forget about drawing your liner every day. Its outdated. This look will get you ready , like its every day a special event! 

Your straight lashes will be lifted, criss-cross lashes tamed
Straight lashes are a pain , i know because my own is straight too. But, its also an issue with criss cross lashes that you can not even get to their place even with a heated lash curler. With CC and D curl fake lashes we can lift your naturals, and with a specific lash extension application, we can tame the criss cross lashes to their groove where they should be.  




Our Lashes will take Your Self Confidence

to the sky


When your lashes look right, n o t   e x a g g e r a t i n g , but


Not only you look & feel younger, but it will have a super positive effect on how you feel all day long. Every day. Until you wear extensions.







To get The Look You desire, we will work with different length & diameter for each eyelash extensions style and type. The end result is also depending on the health and length of your natural lashes.

You can read below about the different lashes, or just click HERE  for the Lash Treatments & Price List !


Client's Favorites
Most of our clients in Limassol do love the Light & Medium (€45 & €60) set lash extensions for a daily wear, but if you are exercising a lot, or have maybe hormonal changes ( pregnancy) or have an oily skin, we advice to choose the Full Set of lash extensions and come in for 1,5-2 weeks eyelash touchups.






If you want to choose more volume, please click below on the golden:

Full Treatment List


What are Classic Lash Extensions, and all the different Russian volume Lashes? 

A classic 1 to 1 lash are done with thicker lashes, and russian volume lashes extension are done with much thinner lashes. Hyper volume are done with the thinnest available eyelash extensions in the market.

If you already had classic lashes and are looking to choose more volume, please click below on the golden:

Full Treatment List



Eyelash extension Thickness:

Classic Lashes

0.15 for classic eyelash extension0.15 ellipse / flat type for classic & hybrid extensions
0.12 for classic & hybrid lash extensions0.10 for classic and 2D lashextensions

Russian Volume Lashes

0.07 for 3D to 7D russian volume lash extensions0.06 for 3D to 12D russian lashes
0.05 for 3D to 15D volume lashes0.03 for 5D to 40D hyper russian volume lash extensions


Lashes available at Permanent Beauty Limassol:

💛 1D lash extensions:

🧡 Mix Hybrid  eyelash extension:

💚 2D Lash Extensions:

there will be 2 synthetics attached to 1 of your lashes. Its also called double volume lash extension.

💙 3D Lash Extensions:

It is counted as a russian volume lashextension but in light volume, because only 3 synthetic eyelash is attached to your lashes.

💜 3-6D Lash Extensions:


Lash Extensions Treatment List

Any of the above type of lashextensions can be done in different fullness & dedicated time :


LIGHT SET Lash Extension | € 45 

1,5 hours of time. Around 65 % of your healthy, lashable natural lashes will be wearing an extension.


MEDIUM SET of Lash Extension | € 60 

2 hours of time. Around 80 % of your healthy, lashable natural lashes will be wearing an extension.


FULL SET Lash Extension | € 75

2,5 hours of time. Around 95 % of your healthy, lashable natural lashes will be wearing an extension.


russian volume eyelash extension limassol

Full Royal Russian Volume Eyelash Extension at Permanent Beauty Limassol


Additionally there lash extensions treatments that can be booked only in full time:

Classic 1D Application | € 40

1 hour : 50 % lash coverage of lash extensions


Full Royal Volume | € 85

3 hours application time of lash extensions with 1 very short restroom break included


Mega russian lashes up to 15D | € 100

3,5 hours lash extensions service with 1 short break


Hyper Extreme Russian Volume up to 40D | € 150

(available based on consultation via phone only)


At Permanent Beauty in Limassol, we do lash extensions refill based on time


During the eyelash extension treatments it’s curial that you are relaxed and your eyes are not moving. Moving eyelids ( while talking ) are compromising the result. 

We Kindly ask you to come to each appointment in time, and skip drinking coffee at least 2 hours before your appointment. PRIOR booking, please, read our Eyelash  Salon  Booking & Cancelation Policy  






Our Eyelash Extension & beauty salon basic rules:

  • You have to be 16 years+ 

  • No children or any companions allowed in the treatment room

  • Pregnant & nursing mothers  are welcome to do extensions up to week 38

  • Clients with microblading or permanent makeup done have to wait 2 weeks until the brows and eyeliner tattoo heals, before we can do lash extensions

  • PRIOR scheduling, you need to be aware of the pre and aftercare, please read the FAQ section

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